Propel is Fun!

Making Working Out Fun

propel ad

Link to Propel Ad Slides: Propel Ad

These ads are aimed towards young people, this is apparent by the bright colors and young models portrayed in the ad campaign. The goal of the ad is to make the viewer believe working out is fun if you drink propel while doing it. The ads are oozing happiness with their bright colors and positive messages so that’s what I wanted viewers to get out of my image.


What Makes It Interesting

I really wanted to get the shadows right with Photoshop to mimic this ad campaign. That’s what makes this ad appealing. There’s not a lot going on here except the text, model and the shadows to make it look more interesting. The colors were fun to pick, I was tempted to make the text a bright yellow but didn’t want it to look too similar to the original ad, so I went with the bright blue and that complimented the purple background nicely while still being easy to read. I really enjoyed doing this project and learned a lot about how useful Photoshop is and what type of neat things you could do to make a simple image more interesting.



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