Reverse Engineer Video

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When I was looking up video ads I could reverse engineer I found this one and recognized it from my Instagram story feed. I had never watched it before but one of my social media platforms is Instagram so I decided to evaluate this ad. It starts out saying exactly who this ad is for squarespace and then says who is featured in this ad, Keanu Reeves. They have Keanu Reeves explaining what squarespace is in the desert like he is camping.

The Strengths

I like that it starts out so strongly with their logo, it makes the company more memorable. Keanu Reeves begins by talking in his sullen adventure voice like he does in his movies. This reminds you how you recognize him from films and gives you a connection to the product because of his fame. Keanu is going over what you have to do to start a website and showing how easy it is, even showing that he has his own motorcycle website. He makes it clear that anyone can build a website in a few simple steps. The setting is at night so the computer screen that Keanu is using stands out brightly showing what squarespace has to offer.


The Weaknesses

It’s rather long for an ad (2:37), especially one that is advertising on social media where hardly anyone pays attention to a video that is longer than 30 seconds. I almost quit watching the ad and chose a different one because I felt like it was too long. At the very end it has a little message “DOMAINS | WEBSITES | ONLINE STORES” This is a good message saying you can do these things through squarespace but I think they should have included this message at the beginning as well as the end, especially because it is a longer video.

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The Design

The design that stood out to me was its use of contrasts. It’s nighttime in the video and there’s a large fire that draws your eye to Keanu Reeves. Keanu is wearing dark clothes so his face stands out against the dark night and his clothing so you pay attention to what he is saying. The computer screen he is holding during the commercial is very bright against the dark night. They used contrasts to their advantage the entire video and draw your eyes exactly where they want them.


The Metrics

Because this was advertised on an Instagram story there’s not any liked but they can collect followers through the video and see how many people have viewed the story. This video is also located on YouTube and it has over 400,000 views and 4 thousand likes with only 65 thumbs down. I’d say that this is a successful ad.

Link to video:


Reverse Engineering Article

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I clicked on the emeals advertisement on Facebook. It was picturing a delicious meal. The first time I clicked on it the image showed some tacos that made my mouth water they looked so good! When I went back to Facebook to take a picture of the advertisement it had changed and the food in the new pictured also looked good but it didn’t appeal to me as much as the tacos did. I love the article that they have for their advertisement. The colors are bright and friendly, purple and green. The layout of the page is broken into sections as you scroll throughout the website vertically, they’ve done this so it is easily responsive for smart phones which is a very important part of any website.

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One thing that I didn’t like about the website is the section of the website showing their reviews from customers compared to blue apron.  While I think this is a good idea what I don’t like about it is that The girl in the photo that is attached to this section of the page is wearing a very distinctive blue dress. She looks like she’s modeling for blue apron. I can see how they thought the blue would look good with their purple and green color scheme, but the blue in this section of their article was a mistake.

My favorite part of this website was probably the art they had showing how their company works. It was fun to look at, added to the description, and worked perfectly with their color scheme.

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Link to this site is:


H&M Reverse Engineer

The brand I chose to reverse engineer is H&M. I looked at both their Pinterest and their Instagram accounts and the one I decided to focus on was their Pinterest account, both are very well done but I found some more interesting things on their Pinterest pages. One thing that I noticed and didn’t like was that the images that were the cover of each board didn’t look good together when viewing all the boards. Another thing that I noticed emphasizes was what I really liked and didn’t like. I’ll start with what I really liked, which is what I found under their “H&M FALL/WINTER FASHION” board. They have these Images or pins displayed with coordinating colors organized in sections that make the page look really aesthetically pleasing as you scroll through it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.35.05 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.35.41 PM

These two images are on the same board but in different sections, it looks really good as you scroll from section to section and doesn’t feel choppy (like it does here), instead it emphasizes the nice composition of the board.

Every image looks interesting in this board, not just like it was copied over from their website product page. However, when I looked through an older board called “H&M ON TREND” I noticed that there are a couple of sections of pins that look like they are just product images copied over from their store website.

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While I understand how this could seem like a good idea it does not look nearly as interesting and doesn’t draw me in as much as the previously mentioned board and their images that have more effort put into them. The contrast of the different colors that are so pleasingly organized in the fall/winter fashion board are very appealing and are very inspiring for what type of designs will help to make my Pinterest boards and Instagram look more professional and have more care and thought put into them.

The Baby Gym for the Modern Mom

This is the post excerpt.

These baby gyms are easy to assemble and made of quality products. The lines on the gym are clean and the neutral color of the wood doesn’t make it gender specific.  The pictures of the baby gyms are done in a home, making it more appealing to parents who would be interested in buying a product like this one.


The designer of these gyms is a friend of mine and currently does not have a website running. She hasn’t begun to officially sell her baby gyms at this time but plans on beginning her small business in the next 1-2 years. The name of her business is baby dot. The gyms also have the logo embossed on the sides (it’s very cute). The business got that name from her first child who is a little over a year and a half and is named Dot.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg


The repetition of the rounded lines of this baby gym gives it an aesthetically appealing feel to the baby gym. The repetition of the three dots to place toys in the gym are also a nice design. The blue in the baby’s jumper, blanket and toy also gives it a good flow because of the repetition.



The contrast of the blanket against the darker wood makes it the product and the baby stand out more. The wood against the blanket isn’t a huge contrast and could be a little more difficult to help the gym stand out more but it is still easy to see the lines of the gym.



The baby is placed in the middle of the gym but there’s a little more of the top half of the baby on the outside of the gym and the baby’s head is aligned with the gym legs. Everything in the gym is correctly aligned and the centered nicely on the blanket.



The Proximity of the baby to the gym makes it clear what the gym is for and the toys placed where they are shows how the gym is to be used with toys and where they hang. The mom standing close to the toy gives it a more personal feel to the image.



The Brown and almost orange color of the wood is similar to the light wood of the baby gym. The mustard yellow of the balls on the toy also is very similar to the browns and yellows in the image. These yellowish colors compliment nicely with the denim blues of the baby’s jumper and the blue of the blanket edges and the embroidery on the blanket.