Selling Memories

My ad was a plate brand and my assigned target audience was women in their sixties. The sizes of my ad were chosen for TV and blog ads. When I think of older women I think of my grandmas. In particular this time of year I think of my Grandma Cornwall. She is everything you want and imagine in a grandma. Every fourth of July every one of her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren make it a priority to be at her house. There’s always a parade in their little town in the mornings, then we have fried chicken and home-made root beer for lunch. Obviously with over 50 people there we need paper plates and that’s where my inspiration came from. I wanted to incorporate the idea with my ad that summer memories come with paper plates. The idea that if you get paper plates you can spend more time with your grandkids instead of losing time with them to do dishes, or if you use paper plates you can go on a picnic with your family and spend important time with them making memories.


My Design Decisions

I chose the picnic blanket background because it went along well with the summer feel I wanted to give this add. The next pictures I needed were of dixie plates to frame the pictures of the picnic and grandma. I had to resize, reshape and crop the picnic and grandma image. I also had to use the magic wand selector to change the background of the grandma and grandson image so that it would work better with the picnic photo and the color scheme of the ad. I also added a drop shadow to the text box, otherwise the words were very difficult to read on the picnic blanket background. I really enjoyed this assignment and learning more about photoshop. I particularly liked the creative aspect of it and finding something personal in my life to connect it to.


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