Propel is Fun!

Making Working Out Fun

propel ad

Link to Propel Ad Slides: Propel Ad

These ads are aimed towards young people, this is apparent by the bright colors and young models portrayed in the ad campaign. The goal of the ad is to make the viewer believe working out is fun if you drink propel while doing it. The ads are oozing happiness with their bright colors and positive messages so that’s what I wanted viewers to get out of my image.


What Makes It Interesting

I really wanted to get the shadows right with Photoshop to mimic this ad campaign. That’s what makes this ad appealing. There’s not a lot going on here except the text, model and the shadows to make it look more interesting. The colors were fun to pick, I was tempted to make the text a bright yellow but didn’t want it to look too similar to the original ad, so I went with the bright blue and that complimented the purple background nicely while still being easy to read. I really enjoyed doing this project and learned a lot about how useful Photoshop is and what type of neat things you could do to make a simple image more interesting.



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Selling Memories

My ad was a plate brand and my assigned target audience was women in their sixties. The sizes of my ad were chosen for TV and blog ads. When I think of older women I think of my grandmas. In particular this time of year I think of my Grandma Cornwall. She is everything you want and imagine in a grandma. Every fourth of July every one of her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren make it a priority to be at her house. There’s always a parade in their little town in the mornings, then we have fried chicken and home-made root beer for lunch. Obviously with over 50 people there we need paper plates and that’s where my inspiration came from. I wanted to incorporate the idea with my ad that summer memories come with paper plates. The idea that if you get paper plates you can spend more time with your grandkids instead of losing time with them to do dishes, or if you use paper plates you can go on a picnic with your family and spend important time with them making memories.


My Design Decisions

I chose the picnic blanket background because it went along well with the summer feel I wanted to give this add. The next pictures I needed were of dixie plates to frame the pictures of the picnic and grandma. I had to resize, reshape and crop the picnic and grandma image. I also had to use the magic wand selector to change the background of the grandma and grandson image so that it would work better with the picnic photo and the color scheme of the ad. I also added a drop shadow to the text box, otherwise the words were very difficult to read on the picnic blanket background. I really enjoyed this assignment and learning more about photoshop. I particularly liked the creative aspect of it and finding something personal in my life to connect it to.


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The Ultimate Beach Front

This beach icon pack has not altered a lot since the last post. I got a lot of good feedback so the only alterations I made was for each image to have a white background image. This would make the images stand out more in the post. The warm weather that has finally swept through Idaho and made me nostalgic for the beach. The target audience is for all beach bummers like me and shark divers alike (which I am definitely not).







I had a lot of fun with this project. My favorite icon to design was the shark because I could add some more detail to the icon by adding more detailing to the lines of the shark, unlike the beachball which is more straightforward. My design decisions were more based on what the actual item looks like so I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about a color scheme and went with the more natural colors.

Works Cited

The link to the image that inspired the shark beach ball icon

The link to the image that inspired the shark icons

The link for the image that inspired the sunglasses icon

The link for the image that inspired the palm tree icon

Photography – Capturing the Moment

Photography is all about capturing the moment. There are many guidelines that will help you to do this. Three of these rules are the rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field. The following professional and personal examples are outlined how to use these different techniques. Obviously the professional photographs are very moving and mine are very amateur but the professional photographs show how important light and other aspects are to making a photograph capture a magical moment.


Rule of Thirds


This photo was done by Paulina Tikunova and it was taken in a park in Italy.


I chose to represent the rule of thirds because of the placement of the fox’s face. It lies right where it is recommended to have the focus of an image if you are using the rule of thirds. This is made obvious by the draw over. The fox’s eyes are the first thing you see because they line up right where they are supposed to, the photographer did a beautiful job following this rule. Another beautiful part of this image is the color and how the fox stands out on the green grass it is laying on, while the gold in the background of the trees matches the gold of the fox. What a beautiful moment captured where the fox happened to be on the green grass standing out while at the same time complimenting the foliage.



The first thing seen in my photograph is my little girl’s funny face. This is because her face is right in the middle left rule of threes and because of this it stands out more, even though there’s a lot of colorful flowers to the right. You can tell she was not happy with me for telling her she couldn’t pick flowers and trying to act confused by it.


Leading Lines


Marcelo Castro took this photo and works for National Geographic


This photograph was the perfect example of leading lines because of the lines the light leads to the subject of the photograph. The light from the window moves your eye across the image right to the boy reading, not only illuminating the child but creating an impact by showing the how empty and bare the room is. This photo shows not only a great example of using leading lines but different way to use light as well.



The lines in this photograph shows my little girl pointing to the flower with her body. These lines capture the moment of her wanting to touch the flower (while trying to fight the instinct not to pick it) and easing closer with her knees. These lines focus the image on her little finger reaching out to the beautiful flowers of the temple grounds.


Depth of Field


Photographer Rafael Hernandez.


I loved this image and how dramatic it is! The image focuses on the axe, stump and even the chips flying off the tree from the blow are extremely clear, while the man wielding the axe is blurry and even blurrier behind him are the trees and landscape. These layers of focus and blur create a dynamic affect and when used well (like in this photo) can create a very strong emotion associated to an image.


Mine focuses on my little girl laughing while everything else behind her is blurry. Even the toys in her hand are slightly out of focus bringing more attention to her face. Unlike the professional photo it isn’t dramatic in the sharp way, it’s a more soft and intimate feel with the focus on the child’s face versus the axe and the wood chips flying away. This depth of field tool can be very versatile and bring a lot of emotion into a photograph.