The Baby Gym for the Modern Mom

This is the post excerpt.


These baby gyms are easy to assemble and made of quality products. The lines on the gym are clean and the neutral color of the wood doesn’t make it gender specific. ┬áThe pictures of the baby gyms are done in a home, making it more appealing to parents who would be interested in buying a product like this one.


The designer of these gyms is a friend of mine and currently does not have a website running. She hasn’t begun to officially sell her baby gyms at this time but plans on beginning her small business in the next 1-2 years. The name of her business is baby dot. The gyms also have the logo embossed on the sides (it’s very cute). The business got that name from her first child who is a little over a year and a half and is named Dot.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg


The repetition of the rounded lines of this baby gym gives it an aesthetically appealing feel to the baby gym. The repetition of the three dots to place toys in the gym are also a nice design. The blue in the baby’s jumper, blanket and toy also gives it a good flow because of the repetition.



The contrast of the blanket against the darker wood makes it the product and the baby stand out more. The wood against the blanket isn’t a huge contrast and could be a little more difficult to help the gym stand out more but it is still easy to see the lines of the gym.



The baby is placed in the middle of the gym but there’s a little more of the top half of the baby on the outside of the gym and the baby’s head is aligned with the gym legs. Everything in the gym is correctly aligned and the centered nicely on the blanket.



The Proximity of the baby to the gym makes it clear what the gym is for and the toys placed where they are shows how the gym is to be used with toys and where they hang. The mom standing close to the toy gives it a more personal feel to the image.



The Brown and almost orange color of the wood is similar to the light wood of the baby gym. The mustard yellow of the balls on the toy also is very similar to the browns and yellows in the image. These yellowish colors compliment nicely with the denim blues of the baby’s jumper and the blue of the blanket edges and the embroidery on the blanket.