Reverse Engineer an Ad

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What are the ad’s strengths?

The movement of the video catches the eye of browsers on facebook. I also like the last statement saying you get “2 months of unlimited access for free!” This is very appealing it sounds like a long time. It also seems like people are going to really enjoy skillshare if they are willing to bet people are going to want to continue their subscription after two months.


What are the ad’s weaknesses?

I don’t like leading with the question “Want to learn how to draw?” I think starting with an action statement would be more appealing saying instead something like,“Learn how to draw with me on Skillshare” This is more direct and draws in viewers and makes them more likely to go through with signing up for the subscription. I also think showing parts of the tutorial that not only include the drawing over with ink but also including where they add color to the illustration would make the add pop on the page more.


What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

It’s trying to generate likes, shares and comments through facebook to get more attention and people signing up for a subscription of Skillshare. It’s appealing to artists by showing what type of skills they can learn from skillshare and what artists they could be learning from.


How has the design used: CompositionFundamentalsContrastLinesLayoutGolden SectionRule of ThirdsNot HalfSwiss Grid or Custom Grids?

They use contrast by showing the part of the illustration when they use black ink to make the lines for the illustration on white paper. They also use rule of thirds because the hand that is moving the most and doing all of the drawing remains mainly in the right third section of the screen (although it is not shown in this picture).


What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

Likes, shares and comments will determine if this ad is successful or not through facebook.


250 week 10

My ad got more business over the weekend. I don’t know if that was because it’ was the weekend and people were going embroidery crazy and just want to sew their hearts out. Or, more likely, it is because it was before we were supposed to adjust the max daily budget and lower it. I’ve followed the video so I know that I’ve got it set to the right amount. I haven’t had any purchases from my site yet and that is the next big thing I want to tackle, understanding why customers aren’t purchasing my product. Is it simply that they aren’t drawn to what I’m selling or is it because I don’t have enough products to make them feel like my website is a legitimate business? I know that the next few weeks we are going to be evaluating things that we’ve been setting up and I’m excited to see what type of results they show and learn how to study them better.

Ready… Set… Campaign!

I can’t believe the campaign has started! I’m a little nervous but very excited to see how this goes. I’m already curious about what things I may need to change and what type of things I want to add to my site in the future. This has been really fun for me and I can’t wait to see what happens! Someone mentioned in the discussion boards how they think checking google analytics can be addicting and I am already seeing how this will be very likely to happen to me. It’s been such a long project, unlike most classes where you complete many projects along the way this has been a lot of build up for one big project which is an actual business which makes it even more exciting on top of all the suspense. I really am proud of my site but I already am planning on adding more things to it to improve it and am excited for it to become an ongoing project, even when this track is over.

Reverse Engineer Video

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When I was looking up video ads I could reverse engineer I found this one and recognized it from my Instagram story feed. I had never watched it before but one of my social media platforms is Instagram so I decided to evaluate this ad. It starts out saying exactly who this ad is for squarespace and then says who is featured in this ad, Keanu Reeves. They have Keanu Reeves explaining what squarespace is in the desert like he is camping.

The Strengths

I like that it starts out so strongly with their logo, it makes the company more memorable. Keanu Reeves begins by talking in his sullen adventure voice like he does in his movies. This reminds you how you recognize him from films and gives you a connection to the product because of his fame. Keanu is going over what you have to do to start a website and showing how easy it is, even showing that he has his own motorcycle website. He makes it clear that anyone can build a website in a few simple steps. The setting is at night so the computer screen that Keanu is using stands out brightly showing what squarespace has to offer.


The Weaknesses

It’s rather long for an ad (2:37), especially one that is advertising on social media where hardly anyone pays attention to a video that is longer than 30 seconds. I almost quit watching the ad and chose a different one because I felt like it was too long. At the very end it has a little message “DOMAINS | WEBSITES | ONLINE STORES” This is a good message saying you can do these things through squarespace but I think they should have included this message at the beginning as well as the end, especially because it is a longer video.

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The Design

The design that stood out to me was its use of contrasts. It’s nighttime in the video and there’s a large fire that draws your eye to Keanu Reeves. Keanu is wearing dark clothes so his face stands out against the dark night and his clothing so you pay attention to what he is saying. The computer screen he is holding during the commercial is very bright against the dark night. They used contrasts to their advantage the entire video and draw your eyes exactly where they want them.


The Metrics

Because this was advertised on an Instagram story there’s not any liked but they can collect followers through the video and see how many people have viewed the story. This video is also located on YouTube and it has over 400,000 views and 4 thousand likes with only 65 thumbs down. I’d say that this is a successful ad.

Link to video:

B250 week 08

This week’s learning was fun because we got to see what our website ad would look like in the google results when searching for our specified topics. I built my website from scratch, mainly using the php coding language. I wanted to make a functioning store website that I could put on my resume when I start job searching and I thoroughly enjoy coding so I figured why not. I had already started a similar project so I had good bones to work with. The only problem I’ve ran into with this is the secondary link that you are able to put in the ad, my link was too long to fit. While this is frustrating it’s manageable because I think It’s easy to find where to buy things in my website. On the discussion board it was interesting to see what the responses were to my question, I asked if I should leave the first four words capitalized in the last line of my ad or be more grammatically correct. 3 people responded and a lady who is a little older said she would rather see it grammatically correct while the two younger people who responded said they like the capitalization. I’m going to leave the capitalization for now, but I really liked seeing the different responses.


I really liked learning about adwords and thought it was really interesting. The thing that stood out to me was the type of settings you could place on your adwords like phrase match and those types of things. I thought those seemed extremely useful in making sure your money was getting spent when you wanted when it came to google searches. I found it more difficult than I initially thought it would to think of keywords form a buyers’ perspective. I always felt biased about what products I am selling but wanting to get attention from as many shoppers as possible it’s a difficult balance to keep. I’m hoping that we get a lot of feedback as to whether we’ve got a good start on our adword list or not and if we need to adjust a few phrases or match types. I’m excited to see what a difference it makes and to measure how much traffic our sites get once we implement our adwords.

Reverse Engineering Article

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I clicked on the emeals advertisement on Facebook. It was picturing a delicious meal. The first time I clicked on it the image showed some tacos that made my mouth water they looked so good! When I went back to Facebook to take a picture of the advertisement it had changed and the food in the new pictured also looked good but it didn’t appeal to me as much as the tacos did. I love the article that they have for their advertisement. The colors are bright and friendly, purple and green. The layout of the page is broken into sections as you scroll throughout the website vertically, they’ve done this so it is easily responsive for smart phones which is a very important part of any website.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.54.33 PM

One thing that I didn’t like about the website is the section of the website showing their reviews from customers compared to blue apron.  While I think this is a good idea what I don’t like about it is that The girl in the photo that is attached to this section of the page is wearing a very distinctive blue dress. She looks like she’s modeling for blue apron. I can see how they thought the blue would look good with their purple and green color scheme, but the blue in this section of their article was a mistake.

My favorite part of this website was probably the art they had showing how their company works. It was fun to look at, added to the description, and worked perfectly with their color scheme.

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Link to this site is: